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BIOMETRIC CARDS Your Biometrics. Your Id

Biometric Card

Security Comes First

As the world increasingly becomes “smart,” rising security challenges present themselves quite often. We improve identity lifecycle management & achieve service excellence while ensuring the highest levels of security.

Less Sophistication. More Utility.

Focusing on bringing together greater possibilities of utility we have kept minimal sophistication at the user’s end by making use of advanced technological innovations.

Biometric Card
Biometric Card

User-Friendly Interface

Bringing the perfect confluence of cutting-edge technology & convenience for institutions and companies, so that now your daily-life goes on with no big hassle.

Offering Fintech Solutions

There is a continuous need for governments & enterprises alike to invest in the latest technologies and innovations to protect and combat for state, corporate, and citizen security with new waves of growingly sophisticated ID fraud and crime. And we do that effortlessly!

Biometric Card

Well-Researched Authentication System

We at BIO-IDZ have developed patented biometric identity authentication, which brings energy efficiency interwoven with impenetrable encrypted security with no internal power supply.

Algorithm That Runs the World

We make use of the world’s fastest & efficient biometric algorithm that recognizes live fingerprints on the card, through NFC.

Biometric Card