Contactless Biometric ATM Card
(Innovative Payment Solutions)

Staying in contact is harmless but not always. Keeping social distancing in mind, introducing contactless biometric payment cards, where the only contact you have is with your payment card.

Security is predominant when it comes to making purchases. Keeping up with the market demands, BIO-IDZ introduced a complete range of first of a kind, contactless biometric ATM cards. Customers can authorize payments via the fingerprint sensor embedded into the fully EMV compliant card. Identity is authenticated and verified when our algorithm matches the owner’s fingerprint to the template stored in the card – rendering your 4-digit PIN a thing of the past.

B.PAY: Contactless Biometric Prepaid Card
(Innovative Prepaid Solutions)

Our Prepaid Solution provides unparalleled access into the under-banked and cash market with minimum risk and significant return on investment; giving consumers the efficiency and security of Biometric Payment Card with detailed spending control.

B.TRANSIT: Innovative Transit Payment Solutions (Subway Cards)

Throughout the world, public transportation is “smart,” and getting smarter. From contact and contactless smart cards to pay for fares, to buying and using tickets on your mobile phone, there are many exciting new advances in the transport world. All of these advances make the way you travel more convenient, fast and secure.

B.PAY: Contactless Biometric Payment Card (Innovative WPS Solutions)

Compliant with the Wages Protection System (WPS), an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Labour and UAE Central Bank to protect the interests of both employers and employees, WPS Biometric Payment Card makes salary processing easy, timely and convenient.