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Fingerprint Cards

Bio-idz is one of the leading suppliers of fingerprint cards in the Middle East. We have a team of highly talented professionals who can help you to find a unique solution you are in need of. With Biometric cards, we can help you to make your businesses secure in all aspects. We have an established reputation and exemplary goodwill in bringing the most innovative solutions for business enterprises everywhere and every time.

Security and identification issues

There is no better time for a business enterprise to deal with security related issues than today. Security is the first and foremost aspect of a business to deal and as such there should be no compromise. Bio-idz provides an amazing line of biometric cards specialized and customized according to the needs and requirements of each customer. With years of well-being in the industry, we do always strive to give our customers a unique solution for all their needs. Technology is developing at a very fast pace and what tends to be the best solution today turns out to be outdated tomorrow. And what’s appreciable is that in each furtherance, the changes are in leaps and bounds technologically. The increasing use of biometric fingerprint today for authentication and replacement of pin code by biometric sensors in cards is what proves this best.

biometric cards
biometric card

How do Fingerprint cards serves you the best way?

The problem with many security systems is the complexity in its operation. Biometrics solves the issue of complexity by the very simple way of identification and authentication. People no more need to stand in queues and bring thousands of documents for his/ her identification. Everything now boils down to having a biometric card. The revolution in the field of security that a biometric card could bring in a business entity/ organization is beyond imagination. Every business entity is different according to its nature and the industry it operates. And the best security one can provide for its business, the one unique solution the business demands reveals its destiny. Bio-idz specializes in turning fiction into reality by helping in bringing in your dream secure technology by providing every solution related to biometrics and identity cards.

Easy Identification and Authentication

The fraudulence pervading in the world today places a high demand on the use of biometric cards. Identification based on actual attribute of a person tends to be more secure rather than identification based on one’s knowledge of who he is. Hence, biometric authentication is the best choice. The biometric attributes of a person is stored on the card chip and is not prone to illegal modification or misapplication. The body of the card is broad enough for all required elements to be embedded and the sensor is placed in such a position enabling a better user interface. Moreover, existing reader (contact and contactless readers for logical access and physical access respectively) are already in place which needs no more investment in infrastructure.

biometric authentication
fingerprint authentication

Why organizations rely on fingerprint cards

Biometric/ fingerprint cards allow identification or recognition on the basis of physical and behavioral traits. These physical attributes cannot be faked since they are unique to each individual. In short, biometric data of each individual is on the card and not elsewhere. Hence the increasing trust on biometrics as the ultimate solution. Those companies which require higher security, demands implementation of biometric cards for their employees at all levels and a well-established mechanism will bring about total security. Biometric cards act as an added security not only in big companies but also in highly specialized small companies.

Uncomplicated user environment

In addition to identification and biometric authentication, transactions are generated effortlessly than ever. The biometric sensor on the card enables contactless payments an unlike the existing way of entering pin code, payment can be initiated by a touch. One can pay either on insertion or tapping accordingly. By contact or contactless technology, the user’s fingerprint is automatically checked. Contactless payments are well accepted today in these pandemic filled times. Fingerprint cards enhance user experience of the payment ecosystem. It’s obvious, the restrictions and limits can be cut down on using these cards as each individual’s identification is secure. To sum up, contactless payments open up a new dimension in new-gen transaction.

biometric fingerprint card

Different Applications of Fingerprint Cards

Biometric cards can be used at airport terminals, banks, govt houses for actual recognition. A correlation between the scanned fingerprint and the reference biometric data securely stored on the card is carried out when customers place their fingerprint on the sensor. It’s the matching of two data’s, that is, one at the enrolment stage and the other at the identification stage which grant authorization. Social benefits collection and distribution will be more traceable. Above all, the increasing trust on biometric/fingerprint cards today leads more and more countries to launch biometric identification cards for its citizens. This would enhance and reinforce regulative activities for government. Undoubtedly biometrics is the future ID of all.

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