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Biometric Payment Card

Bio-metric Payment Card: Fingerprint Authentication in the payment industries is already moving forward. Therefore, many corporations are taking proactive steps to further protect. Moreover, improve the way they interact with customers and end users. With this focus, our innovative ‘B.PAY’ Biometric Payment Card, not only prevents fraud. But it also eliminates the need for pins, meaning that in less than a second you can complete a transaction.

YOUR finger, Your ID

It is widely expected in the security industry that a “Biometric Payment Card” will replace PINs, passwords and signatures on all platforms.

BIO-IDZ’s B.PAY Biometric Payment card solutions enable consumers to have a more secure, faster and easier experience. Thereby also ensuring that their private information is safe, secured only on the user’s card. Therefore, the data cannot be accessed from anywhere else.

BIO-IDZ is a high-tech Fingerprint Authentication company. That along with our partners, develop, produce and market cutting edge technology. This is based on analysis and confirmation of an individual’s unique fingerprint. Certifying the person’s identity, through the use of unique biologic attributes. 

Biometric Payment Card

Biometric payment card Benefits

Its Secure

When it comes to payment transactions security is cardinal. The sense of insecure speculation surrounding the four digit standard PINs are slowly been replaced by the bio metric emv cards. This biometric fingerprint technology uses embedded biometric algorithms and the fingerprint authentication accuracy is in the 99.99 percentile.


The simplicity of the Biometric payment card is in the usage. All the cardholder has to do is to touch the fingerprint sensor which is built in the card. And present the card at the payment terminal. The fingerprint’s confirmed and verified with the stored biometric. And the payments approved, without needing to remember and enter the PIN. So the whole process completed, with little wastage of time.

Biometric Payment Card
fingerprint payment card


Setting up a fingerprint enabled bio metric emv card doesn’t need any expertise. Moreover, it can be done in the comfortable setting of one’s home. And that takes visiting the bank out of the equation. Believe it, it’s that simple.

Private & Personal

Every person’s fingerprint is unique. So it’s next to impossible to simulate and replicate it. And this makes the process of biometric authentication. exclusive only to card user and personally unique. The card user’s biometric identity housed in the card. Thereby providing the required privacy protection since the data never leaves the biometric emv card.


The finger print emv cards are durable. So just as the traditional payment cards, its small and thin, and can be bendable up to a certain point.

No Battery

So against popular beliefs, adding to the robustness of the emv biometric card is that it’s completely battery less. In other words, this owes to the onboard biometric chip consuming very less power. B.PAY Fingerprint ATM card’s on-card and on-device systems utilize near field communication (NFC) technology. In other words, this will activate highly secure and sensitive applications for payment or authentication without the need of a battery.

biometric fingerprint card
Biometric Payment Card

More Convenient With Biometric Payment Card

Not only is the biometric emv card secure, it’s also convenient to make payments. And this is applicable all over the world. Adopting this payment card to the wallet, leads to higher value purchases which are contactless. This is especially useful for brick and mortar businesses since it increases their profits.

Its Contactless fingerprint payment Card

B.PAY Fingerprint ATM card technology is a dual-interface card. This authenticates and secures payments at the checkout as the card is both contact and contactless based.

Saves Time with Biometric payment card

Time is precious. There are times when you forget or type in the wrong PIN. Thereby causing a delay. Bio metric confirmation is not only seamless. But before you can snap your fingers, the whole process is completed in no time. So that you can be on your merry way with a peaceful set of mind guaranteed. And that’s what a cardholder looks for every time. When they use their emv card with the embedded fingerprint bio metrics.

B.PAY Fingerprint ATM card operates in an ultra-low power environment. And due to its advance bio metric authentication. It enables a completely secure and contactless transaction in just under a second.

biometric fingerprint card

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