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Bioidz unifies the world of contactless options on a single, secure platform.

We aim to replace the wallet in a society where contactless payment systems are the new norm. We can integrate any contactless service onto secure aspects on any device, whether it be a wearable, smart key chain, or even a biometric card. We provide seamless contactless services by using effective contactless technology which increases the security of your clients’ transactions.

biometric card company

BIO-IDZ’s mission: Your Biometrics, Your ID

Relevant, elegant and user-friendly

Our technology creates added value through products that solve relevant problems. But it’s not the technology that is paramount… it’s the way that people use it. Therefore, we strive to incorporate the very latest technologies in creative, innovative ways.

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you Payments

The expansion of services that unlock new models for the ecosystem to collaborate, monetize, share and protect data between government and private sector, frictionless & safe citizen transactions are improving customer experience & happiness.

B.ID Identity

Technology is driving demand and fundamentally changing the way that governments and enterprise identify and authenticate customer, citizen and employee interactions as they adapt to an ever increasing digital world.

B.SECURE Security

As the world increasingly becomes ‘smart’, new opportunities and challenges present themselves daily. Technological innovations enable us to improve identity lifecycle management, & achieve service excellence whilst ensuring the highest levels of security.


Governments & enterprises alike need to continuously learn about and invest in the latest technologies and innovations that will protect, combat and ensure state, corporate and citizen security. With new waves of growingly sophisticated ID fraud and crime.


Fashion Tech

Fashion has always been at the forefront of innovation, and now more than ever, fashion technology is advancing. Numerous advancement in developments show how technology is organizing and customising the fashion industry. Fashion-tech products and/or services can be developed for their functionality and for increased sustainability.


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