Fingerprint Authentication in the payment industries is already moving forward, with many organizations taking proactive steps to further protect and improve the way they interact with customers and end users. With this focus, our innovative ‘B.PAY’ cards, not only prevents fraud but it also eliminates the need for pins, meaning that in less than a second you can complete a transaction.


BIO-IDZ payment solutions enable consumers to have a more secure, faster and easier experience while also knowing that their private information is safe, as it is only located on the user’s card and nowhere else.

BIO-IDZ is a high-tech Fingerprint Authentication company along with our partners develop, produce and market technology that, through the analysis and matching of an individual’s unique fingerprint, verify the person’s identity.



  • The world’s first fingerprint-activated contactless payment card.
  • More convenient and secure
  • No PIN transaction enables faster access or payments
  • Works with existing infrastructure, no terminal upgrade necessary

YOUR finger, Your ID

It is widely expected in the security industry that a “biometric payment card” will replace PINs, passwords and signatures on all platforms.

B.PAY: Your FINGER, Your PIN to ATM card. ‘Future is Biometric Payment Card’.

Contactless Biometric Payment Card

However, to enable biometric authentication everywhere, it is obvious that not all platforms can be powered by battery. Along with our partner, we have developed and commercialized the only biometric authentication engine that can perform full ID verification without any use of batteries or fixed power supply.

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